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So one of the most important problems of gifting is to gift something that is unique and that stands out from the crowd. Everyone scratches heads and thinks of unique gift ideas and searches for unique gift items. And this is too demanding.

We have curated a list of best unique gifts online. Affordable gifting solutions that are unique and gifts that will make your memories in the hearts of people who will get those gifts. This article is a collection of unique gift ideas for different occasions and different purposes. Continue reading to find your best unique gift item.

Unique Birthday Gifts Ideas

Wooden Heart Photo PlaqueWooden Heart Photo Plaque

Why We Recommend This Product

The plaque is made of solid imported Birch Wood, cut in a heart shape. The wood carries a light particle pattern. The image/photo is engraved with Laser technique that gives a beautiful impression on the wood. You can also add your personalized message/text on that will give this gift a unique personal touch. This is one of the unique birthday gifts that you can gift to your girlfriend, sister, mother, teacher and almost anyone close to your heart. Explore more birthday gifting ideas for her.

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Unique Birthday Gifts Ideas for little ones

Mapology India with State Capitals – Educational Toy

Mapology India with State Capitals – Educational Toy

Why We Recommend This Product

This 1 foam puzzle frame that has 23 state pieces, 34 flags, and capital stickers makes learning fun. The children are able to quickly learn the states of India, Union Territories and their capitals in a form or a puzzle. This educational jigsaw puzzle makes it a unique birthday gift for the little ones in the house.

They will love solving the puzzle and also improve their geographical knowledge about India. The puzzle has cut pieces of states that fit with each other to create a map of India.

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Unique Birthday Gifts for Best Friend

Personalized Acrylic White Cubelet Mini LampZoci Voci Personalized Acrylic White Cubelet Mini Lamp

Why We Recommend This Product

When you want to cherish your memories with your best friend or girlfriend/boyfriend, this unique personalized acrylic 4″ cube mini lamp makes a perfect gift.

You can personalize this cube with 5 images of your choice. This is an amazing concept and the output with white light inside the cube makes the image on the cube glow and look amazing.

It is a perfect item to be gifted to anyone you love.

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Unique Gifts for Friends

Teas of the World Assorted Gift Box SetJarved Teas of The World Assorted Gift Box Set

Why We Recommend This Product

A unique gift that has a collection of 15 types of exotic teas from 10 different countries. This is an all-purpose gift for friends and family. It is a collection of USDA certified organic teas in a large wooden chest.

Each individual tea leaf is packed in a zip pouch that can be used and seal back to keep the tea fresh for long. The pouch has Tulsi leaves included along with the tea.

This aromatic tea will certainly be remembered by the person who gets it. Improve the immune of your loved ones with this unique gift item.

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Unique Anniversary Gifts for a partner

DecuT Explosion Box for AnniversaryDecuT Explosion Box for Anniversary

Why We Recommend This Product

A beautiful unique 3 layered handmade anniversary gift. The gift box is decorated beautifully with a centerpiece and unique craft on the top. When open, all the sides fall back to reveal a large three-layered card filled with flaps, small message postcard, pull-out message tags, and photo spaces.

This explosion box comes in a wooden box. Add your special photographs and make the anniversary special and memorable for years to come.

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Unique Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Design Elle Personalised 3D Illusion Led LampDesign Elle Personalised 3D Illusion Led Lamp

Why We Recommend This Product

Customize this unique anniversary gift with a tagline of your choice and name of the recipients. On a base of laminated MDF, the premium acrylic 3D illusion lamp led lamp glows and ignite the ambiance.

This personalized 3D illusion led lamp is multi-color and can be controlled and operated with a remote control with 4 automatic color changing modes. There are 16 colors in the led lamp

This unique anniversary gift can be customized for your parents, friends, or just about anyone.

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Unique Anniversary Gifts for Friends

Customized Best Friends Forever Flip Photo BookCustomized Best Friends Forever Flip Photo Book

Why We Recommend This Product

A fully customized 20 pages printed photo book with 2 pictures on each page. Make this a unique anniversary gift for your friend by customizing the photo book with your message to your friend and choose your title on the photobook.

Let your friend enjoy the joy of flipping through the stored memories of togetherness. This will be a gift to keep forever and memorable.

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Unique Housewarming Gifts

All Naturals Salt LampAll Naturals Salt Lamp

Why We Recommend This Product

So your friend has moved to a new house. Gift something that helps in bringing peace and harmony to the new environment. This All Naturals Salt lamp is made with Himalayan rock salt chunks placed randomly in a beautiful rosewood basket. An amazing lamp to bring positive energy into your house.

This lamp works as an air purifier along with increasing the decor of your house with this coal fire like look. A unique housewarming gift option you should not miss. Remember to buy one for yourself too.

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Unique Personalized Gifts

Crystal 3D LED Personalized Laser Engraved CubeCrystal 3D LED Personalized Laser Engraved Cube

Why We Recommend This Product

Transform your memory into a beautiful 3D laser engraved photo crystal gift by adding text, message or special date for your loved ones. The base has a multi-colored LED light that gives colorful effects to the photos and the rotating crystal. A unique personalized gift to stay memorable in the minds of your friends and loved ones.

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Unique Corporate Gifts

Amazon Pay Gift CardsAmazon Pay Gift Cards

Why We Recommend This Product

These Amazon Gift Coupons are valid for 365 days and has no additional cost to it. 94% of employees prefer to receive Amazon Gift Card over physical gifts like mugs etc.

This gift card is redeemable on all amazon.in products except for apps. This makes Amazon Pay Gift Cards as unique corporate gifts.

Amazon Pay Gift Cards are the perfect way to give them exactly what they’re hoping for – even if you don’t know what it is.

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Unique Gifts for Girls

Kieana Eiffel Tower Glass Flower Vase with Reed DiffuserKieana Eiffel Tower Glass Flower Vase with Reed Diffuser

Why We Recommend This Product

A unique gift idea for your girlfriend on her birthday or on valentine day. This has an authentic fresh natural calming scent of rose that you can use on the dried flowers to give it a fresh flower feeling.

The diffuser is a long-lasting 30ml high-quality pure extracts. The attached flower stems will absorb the fragranced liquid and then diffuse aroma into the atmosphere. It is a perfect relaxation therapy for your girl.

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Unique Gifts for Wife

Zoci Voci Acrylic Personalized White Tower Photo LampZoci Voci Acrylic Personalized White Tower Photo Lamp

Why We Recommend This Product

A unique gift for a wife with personalized 12 images to relive your best moments together. The lamp has a 3W LED bulb that will glow up the acrylic laminated digital prints with a glossy effect.

This tabletop lamp is perfect to be placed in the bedroom. The glowing pictures will keep reminding your partner about the love and affection you have for her.

Definitely a memorable gift for special occasions.

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Unique Gift for Girlfriend

Romantic Boyfriend Arm Snuggle PillowRomantic Boyfriend Arm Snuggle Pillow

Why We Recommend This Product

Make your girl feel your presence always with this unique gift for your girlfriend. Boyfriend Arm Pillow will your girl feel special and romantic everytime she is going to snuggle it.

Boyfriend arm pillow is a perfect pillow for any bed to use as a body pillow or as a neck roll.

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Unique Gifts for Her

Creative Fluffy House Plush Slippers for Women

Creative Fluffy House Plush Slippers for Women

Why We Recommend This Product

These super soft and fancy plush slippers are extremely comfortable and durable. The oversized plush slippers look like zombie’s heads. Keep your feet warm with these half-awake funny looking zombie.

These slippers are great on wooden floor and as well as tiles floor and will make a unique creative gift for her.

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Unique Birthday Gifts for Boys

Personalized Chocolates in Personalised BoxPersonalized Chocolates in Personalised Box

Why We Recommend This Product

Gift him a set of 9 personalized chocolates in a personalized box with his photo and name printed on the box. The box is a sturdy wooden box with 9 chocolates in the box.

Turn this gift into a personalized unique birthday gift for him by personalizing each chocolate wrapper with the name of your loved ones on it. The chocolates have fillings like roasted almonds, fruits & nuts, and butterscotch.

This gift can also be customized for Valentine, Anniversary, and Raksha Bandhan and can be gifted to girls too.

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Unique Gifts for Boyfriend

Stainless Steel Bracelet for MenStainless Steel Bracelet for Men

Why We Recommend This Product

A high-quality stainless steel material, crafted of anti-tarnishing, and scratch-resistant 3161 stainless steel makes it a unique gift for a boyfriend.

This classic and timeless Cuban chain style bracelet will keep your memories with your boyfriend forever.

The steel metal gives it the required weight and makes it perfect daily everyday wear. The link design of this highly polished bracelet will make an elegant and masculine statement with both casual and dressy wardrobe.

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Unique Gift Ideas for Men

3-Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser3-Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser

Why We Recommend This Product

This will be every man desire to get it as a gift. A professional revolving liquor dispenser that rotates for quick and easy access to the attached bottles.

This is a unique gift idea for men for home bars and parties. Measure each shot with precision. With this revolving liquor, dispenser makes a variety of cocktails.

The easy fountain style push-and-dispense allows you to pour liquor easily. You men will be pleased to get this as a gift and will remember you forever for this.

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Unique Gifts for Husband

Engraved Beer Mug for HusbandEngraved Beer Mug for Husband

Why We Recommend This Product

A unique gift for your husband that has “This Guy Love His Wife” engraved in it. This beer mug is certain to put a big smile on your husband face.

This beer mug and table coaster (included in it) are a must-have gift for somebody who loves to drink beer or just about fruit juice.

This classical style beer mug has a comfortable handle and has a heavy bottom. The engraving is done via a laser that makes is sharp and permanent in nature.

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Over to You

We do our best to bring the most valuable suggestions depending on occasion and gender. When we make a suggestion we keep in mind the longevity, recall value, and usability of the gift.

You might also have a few suggestions that you might feel should make an entry here. Please share your suggestions with us and we will do our best to evaluate and include them in our list.

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