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Valentine Day is a special day for every couple and each partner tries to make it memorable for the other. Those who are far away send them valentine gifts online and those who are near surprise each other with unique gifts for him and her.

No matter how long you have been staying together giving one of the best valentine gifts is every partner dream.

This article will help you find the best romantic valentine gifts for him and for her. If you are on a budget, you will find our curated list of Valentine gifts in your budget too. Carry on reading and surprise your partner by sending valentine gifts online.

Top 10 Romantic Valentine Gifts for Him and Her under INR 999

Flower Vase with Peonies BunchesFlower Vase with Peonies BunchesFlower Vase with Peonies Bunches

The gift makes your partner feel that you are riding the cycle and bringing them the bunch of flowers. The design itself is cute that is bound to make your partner cherish this Valentine Gift. Say it with flowers, send this gift now.

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Couple Ring with Red RoseCouple Ring with Red Rose

Valentine day is a day when you show your partner how important they are in your life. Red Rose is a perfect symbol of love and an important part of any Valentine gift. Combine this red rose with a pair of a ring. Propose your valentine today with a perfect Valentine ring in your hands.

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Love Shack 100 Reasons I Love YouLove Shack 100 Reasons I Love You

A gift that will bring a smile to your partner face when he or she read the messages turn by turn on each card. A sure shot way to keep your valentine happy give them a reason to hug you back. A great valentine day gift equally suitable for both male and female.

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Red Hearts Cute Throw PillowRed Hearts Cute Throw Pillow

Valentine Day Gifting has nothing to do with your age. Growing old together is a sign of never-ending love for each other. Gift this special romantic and stylish Valentine gift to your partner and watch her smiling and hugging this gift and you too. The 8 different love cards and a hand knitted decorative heart hanging wall piece will turn your valentine eve into a memorable evening.

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Two Piece Heart Stainless Steel Couple PendantTwo Piece Heart Stainless Steel

This is an intelligent piece of design with two heart-shaped pendant that joins together to make one piece of heart. Each piece of heart says I love you on the pendant. A romantic valentine gift that symbolizes made for each other statement in a unique style.

Give this two souls in one heart Valentine gift today to your soul mate and show your deep love.

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I Love You ChocolateI Love You Chocolate

This Valentine, say I Love you, and say it in a style. Made with best ingredients, this unique handmade chocolate bar will melt your love in your arms. An Ideal gift on Valentine even for your Valentine. Get a custom message on the chocolate bar and make your Valentine feel special.

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Couple Wrist Watch for Men and WomenCouple Wrist Watch for Men and Women

Keep a track of time with these designer trendy wrist watches for the couple. Just not wear watches, wear love and a statement of togetherness with these couple watch. Buy this couple watch set on this Valentine.

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3 Layered Romantic Explosion Box3 Layered Romantic Explosion Box

Innovative valentine gifting option both for men and women. When closed it looks like a good looking gift box and when you open the box all sides fall back and expose a large gorgeous bow.

Customizing this gift is great fun by adding your photographs and messages in the different layers of the box and immediately the gift becomes so much more personal, meaningful and romantic. Send this beautiful handmade valentine gift for your partner today.

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Romantic Couple on Swinging LoveseatRomantic Couple on Swinging Loveseat

Expressing your love was never easier than this. Now express your love with a romantic couple statue. The swinging couple loveseat will express your deep love and togetherness. A romantic valentine gift equally suitable for men and women. A great showpiece for your bedroom that will keep reminding you of your togetherness.

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Couple Men Women Printed Cotton T-shirtCouple Men Women Printed Cotton T-shirt

A great Valentine gift to show your togetherness with these cotton t-shirt combo. The Bold lettering on the t-shirt evidently expresses the made for each other statement. Wear this valentine gift on this valentine day and fall in love with each other.

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Top 5 Romantic Valentine Gifts for Him and Her under INR 4999

Basket Arrangement of Roses and OrchidsBasket Arrangement of Roses and Orchids

A Beautiful combination of Purple Orchids with Pink, White, and Red Roses. The fresh fragrances will make your valentine day fresh and bring a smile on their face.

Flowers are mood enhancers and leave a long-term positive effect on mood. Gift your valentine fresh flower. A perfect and romantic gift for your Valentine on a special day.

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Personalized Perfume Valentine Gift for Him and HerPersonalized Perfume

Personalize unique fragrances with your own name or your loved one’s name and let them wear it every day. A fantastic and romantic valentine gift idea that will remind of you every day they wear this perfume.

This gift also includes a valentine message card with a choice of your message for your loved ones. Sending your love to your valentine is easier via this valentine gift. Send it now.

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Silver Metal Bracelet for Men and WomenSilver Metal Bracelet

Two Cute Stainless Steel Bracelets together, one for her and one for him. A true way to showcase your love, friendship, and togetherness. A stylish gift that goes with all type of attire. Gives a modern look and a casual Valentine Gift for youngsters.

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Luxury Home SpaLuxury Home Spa

The Home Spa Air Diffuser brings life to the environment. It evokes positive thinking, brings more energy and happiness in one’s state of mind. An ideal gift for someone you love to help them breathe in clean air.

This quiet electric oil diffuser neutralizes the dryness and harmful particles in the air that reduces the possibility of air-related infections.

Gift this healthy gift to your Valentine and show how much you care for them.

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Pair of Swan ShowpiecePair of Swan Showpiece

The symbol of love a pair of Swan is an interesting and romantic Valentine Gift. Made of ceramic with rose gold color of work on it makes it a beautiful showpiece right in the living room or the bedroom.

Pair of Swan has a special place for those who believe in Feng Shui. For them, the pair of Swan symbolizes purity, love, elegance, beauty, and grace.

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Valentine Gifts for Him

Heart Shaped Tied Ribbons Valentine’s GiftHeart Shaped Tied Ribbons Valentine’s Gift

A unique Valentine’s Day gift for your valentine with a small cute teddy bear and 3 rose fragrant soap packed in a heart shaped tin box with attached printed “Happy Valentine’s Day” on a wooden heart tag.

A perfect romantic Valentine day gift to surprise her with this special gift.

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Valentine Red Printed Cushion and Coffee MugValentine Red Printed Cushion And Coffee Mug

A medium sized attractive and expressing cushion and a coffee mug is a perfect valentine gift for your boyfriend. Your boy will be surprised and feel the warmth of your love when he receives this gift on his doorsteps. The soft cushion will make him feel your hug while sipping coffee from this coffee mug. Make your Valentine feel special by sending this valentine gift to him today.

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Lemon and Ginger Gel Loaded 5X Traveller KitLemon and Ginger Gel Loaded 5X Traveller Kit

Now, this is a practical and premium gift for your gentleman. A very elegantly designed waxed canvas travel kit equipped with all necessary shaving material.

Your man will love to get this gift on a Valentine and will be impressed with your selection of gift. Send this gift to your Valentine today.

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Zippo Lighter Chrome BrushedZippo Lighter Chrome Brushed

A tried and tested lighter, Zippo is a dream lighter for those who smoke. This sturdy lighter is amazingly stylish in hands. Zippo has been delivering style in 1933. A little expensive lighter so to say but worth every dime when combined with Zippo guarantee. Gift this to you boy and make him feel special this Valentine.

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Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet for MenSterling Silver Chain Bracelet for Men

A stylish and stunning piece of jewelry that is a perfect Valentine gift for husband and boyfriend. This bracelet is made of sterling silver and is perfect to wear on any occasion.

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Valentine Gifts for Her

Best Girlfriend Kissing Couple ShowpieceKissing Couple Showpiece

14th February is when all love birds start feeling romantic. A day when you can freely express your emotions and affection for others. Express your true feeling of love not just by saying, but also by showing it in a gorgeously looking cute kissing couple showpiece.

This gift will make sure a return gift and make your Valentine day memorable forever. Reward her with a Best Girlfriend trophy too.

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Valentine Special Rose in 24k GoldGold Foil Rose In 24K Gold

Roses and Love are synonyms to each other. And you will always find a spark in eyes and a big smile on face when you gift roses to your girlfriend. Gold on the other side has always fascinated women. The golden rose combines both of the timeless attractions and put them in this beautiful Valentine Gift for your girl. Don’t wait and buy it now and make a girl the timeless symbols of richness and beauty.

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Swarovski Crystal Pendant SetSwarovski Crystal Pendant Set

True Swarovski crystals with 5 layers micro white gold plated Italian design. Nickel and a lead-free piece of jewelry make its skin friendly too. An ideal gift for her on this Valentine Day. Make her fall in love with you with this excellent piece of contemporary fashion jewelry.

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Rose Teddy Bear DollRose Teddy Bear Doll

A very beautiful and romantic rose flower doll is going to fill your sweetheart with love and affection for you. Place it in the bedroom and fill your life with an additional dose of romance. A perfect Valentine Gift for your wife or your girlfriend. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Buy it today and surprise your girl with your thoughtfulness and love for her.

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Handmade Tajmahal ReplicaHandmade Tajmahal Replica

Gift your Valentine a unique piece of craftsmanship done on Italian Marble. This handmade replica of TajMahal will impress your Valentine. This is an everlasting showpiece that can decorate any corner of your home keeping the unforgettable memories with it. This monument of love is a great way to express your love for your Valentine on the very special Valentine Day.

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Over to You

Let your romance continue forever by sending valentine gifts online to your partner. Our goal is to make you stand unique when we recommend gifts for you. There could be many more meaningful gifts that you might feel should get listed here. Share your suggestions and we will do our best to validate them and make their entry on our list.

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